About Micah Kramer

Micah Kramer is a Christian, and father of 2 wonderful daughters and resides in Houston, Texas area.

Mr. Kramer received a BS in Business (haha) from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in FL and moved to Houston around 2000.  In his early career, Micah spent 16 years working in the airline, energy,  sports marketing and  film / digital media industry, while insatiably hungering to discover what God created him to be.  After epic life failure after failure, Micah finally graduated with honors from the school of hard knocks, and is now a sought-after international speaker and Personal/Professional/Financial development coach, sharing about his on-going journey to escape the depths of the Financial Matrix®.

Micah is a #BIGDREAMER and has gargantuan aspirations for the road ahead.  He’s a guy who’s been knocked down plenty of times times in life, but those who know him, know that he prefers to overcome and quickly #getbackup.  As a dad, he knows that his children are counting on him to leave a legacy that matters and he’s up for the task of being their biggest hero, while not just talking about it, while working for the weekend.  One of his favorite author quotes is “Either you hate losing enough to change, or you hate changing, enough to lose.” – New York Times Best-Selling Author and Inc Magazine Top 50 Leader Orrin Woodward

Since 2011, he has developed a passion for LIFE, because principle based, servant Leadership Is For Everyone or maybe LIFE stands for Learning Is For Ever or even perhaps Literacy in Financial Education?  In any case, what does your “LIFE” stand for? Are you truly living the Life You’ve Always Wanted? #TLYAW  If not, maybe it’s time to ask why not?  Are you ready?  If yes, click here to view a short video and begin your journey  towards true financial freedom!  If others are actively succeeding at it, you can too.

For more info: MicahKramer@financialfitnessinfo.com


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