The Tongue is a Weapon – For Good

Recent events in my personal life have awakened a deep spirit of gratitude and humility – knowing without a doubt that God is in the fight with me and walking by my side.  Have you ever experienced a situation or conversation that floods your mind and heart with fear, sadness and brutal reality?  Sometimes this can be experienced by our actions and our self-talk, but other times it’s introduced by another person, or even someone close to us.  It is in these moments, that those who turn to prayer are divinely blessed.  By praying and surrendering the obstacle, burden or challenge to God, one is free to live and walk in the grace and mercy He’s given us through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ.

Memphis ChurchNow, mind you, when facing life challenges, I’ve heard that ‘going with the flow’ is the answer.  That option didn’t work for me.  Picture driving your car down the freeway without touching the steering wheel, just smiling and hoping that last alignment job was done well….would you willingly put your family in that situation?  Okay, okay, I know you get it.  I’ve learned that everything is in decline – nature, our bodies, our minds, our relationships and if a person doesn’t get a grip and lead themselves, victim stinking thinking quickly seeps in.  That sentiment that we are entitled to be happy without paying the price.  Don’t get me wrong – I believe you get happy by giving happiness away.  It requires ACTION and happiness is a by-product of doing good unto others.  By selflessly serving others and taking the focus off of yourself.  Think about that…  Have you ever felt great after helping someone else?  I sure have!!

The thing is, when I look around at my past and at the lives of others – I see a lot of shipwrecks, trainwrecks and brokenness.  How much of these painful situations could have been avoided with proper thinking, humility and attitude adjustments?  I believe that we don’t have a hopeless situation here in America today – just hopeless people IN SITUATIONS!  In many ways, we’ve become a herd of sheeple, heading downstream like the current of water that flows along the path of least resistance, straight towards the falls.  As for me and my house, we tried that and say no thanks, never again.

So, in confronting all of this brutal reality, as my favorite author and friend Orrin Woodward says, one must guard against criticizing, condemning and complaining by accepting, approving and appreciating.  I love that and I’ve learned to apply that through my studies and participation in Life Leadership.  When faced with brutal truth from someone, historically, I would have gotten angry, defiant and even verbally hurtful.  I’ve since learned that words matter, and that the tongue is a sword and it must be guarded…(and often “bitten off” in maintaining silence, so not to say something stupid) while being used as a force for good.  That said, the bible speaks of this:

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will by yours.  Mark 11:24 (ESV)

Be blessed today and use your tongue as a force for good.  Speak truth in love, and if you must…use words.  🙂  In closing, here’s a great song I listened to this morning that inspired me and lifted me up.  I hope it lifts you up as well.


Micah Kramer


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