Ships Weren’t Made for the Harbor – Cut your Anchors and Set Sail!

Set Your sights on New Horizons

Cut your Anchors & Set Your sights on New Horizons

I am not the world’s fastest or most prolific reader – but I did finish reading an AMAZING book this evening called Confidence of A Champion by Life Leadership co-founder Tim Marks.  This book moved me in helping me understand and deal with some incorrect thinking I was harboring about my past experiences and how I can address these issues, forgive myself and others, in order to finally move on and become the man, father, leader and champion that God created me to be.

You hold the pen - when will you start writing your ending?

You hold the pen – when will you start writing your ending?

The key principles in this powerful book are:

#1: Know Your Worth
#2: Stop Comparing
#3: Manage Your Self-Talk
#4: Take Action
#5: Cut Your Anchors
#6: Fight Fear with Faith

Principles 5 & 6 are particularly intriguing to me, because Tim explores the concept of cutting your anchors and pursuing your God given destiny in following what He’s called you to do.  Chapter 5, on cutting anchors, is especially moving because I’ve found that these have historically been the thoughts and limiting beliefs that have held me back personally and professionally.  Tim approaches this topic sensitively yet directly.  Relational pain can often be the most devastating kind of human pain.  Most of us share the pain of being hurt in some way by a loved one or someone we’ve placed trust in.  We can carry these unhealed relational wounds into our adult and parenting relationships and they tend to get pressed as we go along, creating problems if left unaddressed or unforgiven.  Forgiveness = Freedom

On faith, he discusses two men of faith in history – Joshua and Tim Tebow.  As demonstrated by these two great examples, when one walks in faith, fearlessly pursuing one’s calling for the glory of God, it’s amazing how one’s confidence grows.  I encourage you to grab the book and dig in.  It’s well worth the investment!

As a final thought, I would like to personally thank Tim for blessing the reader with his story and for having the courage to write his two incredible books – the other being Voyage of a Viking.  The Life Leadership community is a leadership development engine focused on helping people develop in their “8 F’s” Faith, Family, Finances, Freedom, Fitness, Following, Friendships and Fun.  It’s such an awesome adventure to learn and to grow.  The more I learn, the more I realize I have to learn!!  Life Leadership is well on its way to building a leadership community of millions of people and is making a huge difference by helping everyday people live the LIFE they’ve always wanted.


Micah Kramer


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