Where you headed – toward purpose or obligation?

Even a billionaire, who trades his time for $$ can’t ever truly buy his time back. Once it’s spent, it is gone. What would happen if more people knew how to invest their time to build assets that produced significance?  In this scenario, the billionaire may not be lacking in money, but does money solve everything?  Can it fill ALL the voids in our life?  How often do we see people who have money, though they struggle in personal relationships, their faith, their attitude?  Hmm, there might be something to all this.

This leads me to consider the detection or discovery of purpose.  How many times in our lives to we find ourselves “stuck” like we’re in a traffic jam of life?


Caught in a traffic jam of life?

A good friend, Jeff Darling says it like this – “God’s delays are not his denials.”  I really appreciate that style of reframing of my thinking.  Especially when it comes from a trusted principle based mentor, someone who has invested in one’s personal success journey.

That said, one of my all-time favorite books is Orrin Woodward‘s masterpiece RESOLVED 13 Resolutions for Life.  It was difficult for me to read at first, but once I broke through, chapter one lit me up!  Here’s a sample: Resolved Intro.  In it, Orrin writes about how in Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he addresses Viktor Frankl’s (a Nazi death camp survivor) philosophy of purpose called “logotherapy.”  As described by Covey, “Many so-called mental and emotional illnesses are really symptoms of an underlying sense of meaninglessness or emptiness.  Logotherapy eliminates that emptiness by helping the individual to detect his unique meaning, his mission in life.”  Orrin goes on to discuss Author Charles Perkhurst, expanding on that principle, stating that, “Purpose is what gives life meaning.”  Have you ever wondered how many people let life lead them?  They sit back and just take it.  I used to be one of these people, until I detected my purpose.  Actually, I caused most of my issues by acting out of poor thinking and bad habits.  I was highly trained, yet POORLY educated.

These concepts and principles apply to many areas of one’s life.  Regardless of race, creed, color, sex – every person has dreams buried deeply in their heart.  While they seem distant when traversing through God’s delays and the valleys of life – the spark can be relit with FAITH, HOPE and LOVE.

I encourage each reader to begin one’s journey of purpose detection.  Become hungry to discover what God created you to be.  To uncover purpose, Orrin writes that “One’s purpose, autonomy, mastery and character must combine together.  For without autonomy, a person isn’t directing his life and, therefore, is accomplishing not his purpose, but someone else’s.  Furthermore, without mastery, he is not improving in something that matters; and if what he is doing doesn’t matter, then it certainly isn’t his purpose.  Lastly, only a person of character desires to be of service to something larger than himself, contributing to others to make a difference and leaving his mark in the world, transcending all selfish motives and actions.  In order to fulfill his purpose, then, a person must have or build all three prerequisites.  He must build character, hunger for autonomy, and develop mastery in his profession by living purposefully for excellence.”

Start small…read, listen and associate with others in common purpose and community.

The journey won’t be easy.  Your success will inspire others and the results you’ll achieve are eternally worth it.


Micah Kramer


3 responses to “Where you headed – toward purpose or obligation?

  1. Very well said! Love the transparency and being real! Its a pleasure knowing you and thanks for blessing my life with what you know and sharing it with others as well. May God continue to bless and prosper you in all you do for His kingdom.

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