Change is the only constant – Why should we?

Learning for LIFE

Learning for LIFE

“Either you hate losing enough to change, or you hate changing enough to lose.”  O. Woodward

Here’s a fantastic article written by NY Times bestselling author Chris Brady.  The article does a great job of unpacking the importance of each person’s ability to develop their people skills.  Most relationships are mended (or broken) based on communication, people skills and leadership (or lack thereof).

In life, everything rises and falls on leadership.  Leadership, is a matter of heart, mind and soul.  It requires a thick skin in overcoming adversity, challenges, obstacles and pain – while also requiring a soft heart for dealing with, giving grace (& forgiving) fellow human beings.  For John Maxwell said it best, when he stated – “In leadership, if you look back and no one is following you, then you’re just out for a walk.”  The LIFE LEADERSHIP community is a great example of a group focused on accepting, approving and appreciating people, so they can learn the people skills and leadership needed to become the best possible version of themselves.



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